You have picked up an amazing product in FunnelsKit and you now have the ability to create lead pages and build your list using the FunnelsKit mailing system

You can instantly connect your lead campaigns with your sales campaigns and follow up on all leads with the autoresponder built into FunnelsKit

It's Easy Right Just Build Your Lead Campaigns Like This

But Let's Just Put That Into Context

First you have to find a giveaway product something you can use to build your list. Two options here buy some PLR or create your own.

Then you have to build the pages which is easy with FunnelsKit but still takes a little time. Then you need to create some nice eye catching graphics.

Then tie it all together and link it back to the autoresponder.

But what if I told you we can do all that for you?

That's Right We Do Everything For You

We Build The Landing Pages, Create The Graphics And Test Them To Make Sure They Are Optimised For Conversions

Create the thank you page and the gifts for you to giveaway. But not just once we do that 50 times

We give you 50 done for you lead campaigns. That's right 50 done for you!

Fifty lead pages all designed and built by our in house graphics team so you are guaranteed they will convert. Infact look at some of the conversions when we tested these optin pages ourselves.

Plus each of the done for you lead campaigns include their own giveaway gift which are ebooks and videos. All the delivery and thank you pages are already created.

You can instantly link, the done for you lead campaigns direct to one of the done for you sales campaigns, or any sales campaign you create yourself.

This will save you time as you can instantly deploy your army of done for you lead campaigns.

You Can Start Building Your List Instantly

You could have an army of done for you lead campaigns all out there all collecting leads.

And how would you like another 10 more added each month? So you will never run out of fresh lead campaigns?

So 50 ready to go right now. And 10 more each and every month.

Launch Discount Can Expire At Any Moment


Plus Ten New Ones Per Month

No thanks, I have my own products to sell and I do not want to take this shortcut and get ten done for you sales funnels. And I understand this could expire at any time. I will pass on these

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